Consulting Services

All consulting services are tailored to fit your training needs.  Please contact Steve Miccio to discuss your specific training needs.

Steve Miccio

Chief Executive Officer

PEOPLe, Inc.

(845) 452-2728  Ext. 214


Below is a preview of one of our most popular trainings.

Hospital Diversion/Respite Training

Core Values that promote successful operations of Diversion Services

  • Describing/practicing behaviors that reflect the core values

Engagement Model

  • A closer look at Understanding what engagement is and how to deliver it
    • Environment – How environment design supports quality engagement
      • Guest Engagement
      • Community Engagement
    • Person Centered Listening
    • Trauma Informed Care
    • Communication
      • Body Language
      • Language
      • Active Listening


  • Detailed training of all operations of the Diversion/Respite Houses
    • Pre-Registration
    • Registration
    • Service delivery
    • Goal orientation
    • Check out procedures
    • Follow-up procedures
    • Policies and Procedures development

Staff Attributes

  • Discussion of Characteristics, skills, knowledge, talents, education and experience required for staff to be successful in this position as a peer companion.
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment
  • Development of self-care tools and wellness plans for staff

Vision/Mission Purpose development

Team Agreement development and mutual supervision strategies.


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