#spreadhope campaign

You are not alone.

Hope changes everything.


We humbly invite all of you to be a part of our Spread Hope Campaign. All you have to do is:

  1. Take one of our HOPE cards (downloadable here) with you wherever you go;
  2. Snap pictures with the image visible;
  3. Use our hashtag #spreadhope;
  4. Tag @therosehouserespite on Facebook, or @rose.house on Instagram; and
  5. Most importantly, spread the message of hope!

Pictures will be shared on the rosehouserespite.org website!

What is the goal?

The goal is to spread the message that things can and will get better if we work together, abolish the stigma associated with mental illness, and make recovery the expectation for all!

Let’s promote a better future for all of us!

“We rise by uplifting others” Robert Ingersoll.

How else can you help?  Help spread the message of hope!

Rose House is not just a service. It’s a method that can be brought anywhere to people in need. It’s also part of a movement to spread into all mental health services the core values of Hope – Resiliency – Respect – Genuineness – Honesty – Empathy – Positivity – Integrity.

Support the service, spread the method, and be a part of the movement to change the face of mental health crisis services across the nation and globe.

Donate to the Rose House #spreadhope campaign today. Your contribution will help us spread our unique peer-run model and philosophy across the globe!

100% of your contributions will go towards supporting direct Rose House services, and training other organizations and communities in how to develop and operate their own Rose Houses!

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